A tour around my mind. Excuse the mess.

Merlynston Primary School, 1942-43


My dad, Edgar (Ted) Slinger, found these photos and thought they would be of interest to anyone who attended Merlynston State School in the 1940s.

This is from 1942 when he was in Grade 5.

Grade 5, 1942

… and this is 1943 in Grade 6:

Here are some of the names he was able to dig out of his prodigious memory:

Boys Girls
David Barr Eve Madden
Terry Collins Shirley Griffiths
Jim Hewes Barbara Phillips
John Ocolwitz Olive Oliver
George Powell Mafanny Crisp
Ron Muir Joy King
Owen Lawson Betty Yarwood
Gordon Anderson Jim Whittle
Kevin Stubbs
? Hewitt
Phil Wills

Also some teachers:

  • Mr Whittle - the Principal
  • Miss Doughity
  • Mrs Walker
  • Mr McArthur
  • Mr Lockeed

Coburg North

Here are some others from the same period from Coburg North that may be of interest to people from the area:

Grade Prep, 1937

Grade 2a. 1939