Today's rabbit-hole - the IndieWeb and

Over a week ago I read this article by Cory Doctorow and it sparked a cascade of neurons that have been tickled over the past few years.

It was a short hop from that article, to the state of the IndieWeb, to realising what a shit-show the whole social-media world has become. The IndieWeb and its principles were the solution I didn’t know I needed - I want to get back to blogging in my own place, with my own identity like it was in the early Internet.

To do that I need to minimise the friction or I simply won’t get off my arse. I also need to belt out a quick post when inspiration hits, but still be able to create a long form post. The best I could come up with was a Hugo-based blog (for longer posts) and Mastodon (for micro-blogging). provides a way to deal with all this in one place.

Like Twitter (I refuse to call it X), titles aren’t used on short posts. Like Google+ (R.I.P.), you can have a heading if you like. Like Medium, you can create long-form posts to your heart’s content. Like none of these, the infrastructure is not siloed in the hands of some deranged tech-bro.

So, that’s been my week; setting up a blog, agonising over the layout, and merging it with my Mastodon presence.

I think I’m ready to go.

Ian Slinger @ianjs